How to Order

  • Come on into the store – No Appointment Necessary
    1. Make sure you bring your letter and any patches you would like sewn on the jacket
  • Try on several jackets to make sure we get the best size for you.
    1. Take in consideration if you are going to grow.
    2. Fit – Its all about you, get the size which is comfortable to you.
    3. Since we stock many of the schools jackets – The jacket you try on is typically going to be your jacket.
  • Design the jacket
    1. We will walk you through all steps in designing your jacket
    2. We have a computer with 1000’s of pictures to help you design the jacket.
    3. We usually have sample jackets that you can look at too.
  • Do you have to design the entire jacket when you are ordering.
    1. No, we have people that letter in one sport as a freshman and don’t letter in a second sport till later on.
    2. You can do as much or as little as you would like.
  • How long does it takes to design the jacket
    1. It depends on you: Some people take 10 minutes and some people take 2 hours.
    2. The important thing is to get what you want on your jacket.
  • How long does it take to do the embroidery and sewn ons.
    1. Typical delivery time is 2 weeks (Mostly its based on how busy we are).
  • If you have any questions:
    1. Please give us a call at the store. 858-755-6653
    2. or Come on into the store.